Project is the result of a challenge I participated in as a guest on The Futur's Young Guns series on videox

With XION, you can now earn even more!

A new package has been added to the platform

32.000 NX
This is the largest package on the platform now!

Percent per day: 0.66%
Term: 365 days
Available investment packages: 30
Tasks: 1
Referral bonus: 11%
Binary bonus: 11%

Remember, in order to start working with the platform, you need to buy one of the starter packs. Each of the presented packages has its own advantages and is valid one year.

For completing tasks, you get 4.66% per week and 2.33%, if tasks are not completed

Read about other packages in the post «How much can you earn with XION?» or on the website

Follow the link in the profile, choose your package and earn!